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With over 200,000 monthly website visitors and 10,000+ email subscribers, we are the largest FREE resource on the internet focused on helping African-Americans get grants to grow their businesses.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s nice, but how can you help me?”  We’re glad you asked! Below is a list of the different resources we’ve created to help YOU.

  • Grants For Women
  • Housing Grants
  • Black-Owned Businesses
  • Grant Information
  • Helpful Resources
  • AAG Consultation

Answers to Common Questions

Q:  Who are the folks behind

A:  Good question, we’re glad you asked!  We’re fellow African Americans who are committed to changing the narrative of of African Americans access to grants and other funding opportunities for our community.

Q:  How accurate is the information on this website?

A:  Though we don’t have many content curators, managers and editors on our staff, we do everything we can to make sure the data on our website is accurate and current.  It may not be 100% perfect all the time, but it’s the best resource out there.

Q:  How does this website make money to survive?

A:  Our website survives off of ad revenue, and affiliate partnerships. Though this provides some income, the majority of our revenue is reinvested back into our website to help more people.

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