7 Comprehensive List of Fully Funded Scholarship Opportunities for African Americans in 2021

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Scholarships for African American students can come handy for many students who are constantly looking for ways to fund their education. The number of scholarships for African Americans are helping many students realize the American dream. 

Fortunately enough many philanthropic organizations have realized that there is a huge number in the African American minority group who are academically capable of achieving a college degree therefore are willing to provide the necessary funds for college.

Scholarship Options for African Americans

There are many organizations in to provide scholarships for African Americans based on a variety of factors.  The primary factor is academic achievement. If a student is a peak performer in the world of academia, they stand a better chance for receiving a scholarship. There are also competitive scholarships that are awarded based on essays.

The most popular organization for African American scholarships is the United Negro College Fund.  The UNCF provides a number of resources for scholarships for African American students. The UNCF’s website provides a list of member colleges that provide scholarships. You will find a page of scholarships available on the website. These links will take you directly to the scholarship information and eligibility requirements.

The Gates Millennium Scholars program  offers scholarships to various minority groups.  This foundation was founded by Bill  & Melinda Gates. Their intention is to increase the number of ethnic minorities to complete and excel in collegiate programs.

Where to Look for Funding Opportunities

The requirement for the scholarship program is that you must be African American, American Indian, Asian American or Hispanic American.  You must also be a U.S. citizen, or legal permanent resident with high school GPA of 3.3 or a GED.

Scholarships for African Americans are available to those who wish to get a college degree and realize the American dream.  Many organizations are helping you to create a better and brighter future for you. If you would like more scholarship options for African American students, click here for scholarship information and eligibility requirements.  You must take the first step towards a more rewarding life.

7 Scholarship Opportunities for Blacks

Scholarship opportunities abound for African American students. However, it all boils down to where to look to find them.  AfricanAmericanGrants.org has compiled a comprehensive list of Scholarships for Blacks that can be accessed by black students and prospective students alike.

1. Finnegan Diversity Scholarship

Finnegan Diversity Scholarship was created to help minority students find funding to cover their college costs. The selection of recipients is largely based on demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career in intellectual property law; exceptional academic performance at the undergraduate, graduate (if applicable), and law school level. Access up to $15,000 in scholarship funds for both undergraduate and graduate programs. This is an on-going scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility: African Americans 

Application deadline: Ongoing

2. AICPA Minority Scholarship

The AICPA Minority Scholarship programs for individuals who identify as an ethnic minority with plans to enroll in the following programs:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • CPA Programs

This scholarship program requires a maintenance of 3.0 GPA, and you should be enrolled as a full time undergraduate or graduate student as at the time of applying for this scholarship program. Demonstrating financial need is also very helpful, as this can increase your chances of getting the scholarship awarded on need based selection process.

Eligibility: African Americans and other minorities

Application deadline: March, 2020

3. CEIBSS Scholarship Program

The CEIBSS program is designed to financially assist qualified business students and prospective business students who are first generation college students to be able to get a college education without going into debt. The program provides funding in the form of Scholarships for African American students who have the potential to make great contributions in the field of business.

Eligibility: African Americans

Application deadline: Ongoing

4. Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship (MTI)

Applicants must be African Americans, and enrolled in a a qualified Illinois institution of higher education in a course of study which, upon completion, qualifies to be certified as a preschool, elementary or secondary school teacher by the Illinois State Board of Education. This programs helps to create a path for more funding opportunities for the applicants if their application is successful.

Eligibility: African Americans

Application deadline: March, 2020

5. Underrepresented in Medicine Scholarship

The Scholarship program by Underrepresented in Medicine was established to help African American medical students with scholarships to help fund their education. The program covers other areas of student development programs, and also creates a pathway for mentorship. The scholarship is ongoing and students can apply every year for the same award.

Eligibility: African Americans and other minorities

Application deadline: March, 2020

6. Zelle Diversity in Law Scholarship

Applicants of the Zelle Diversity in Law Scholarship must be students who are members of a diverse group that is historically underrepresented in the private practice of law, and also show a long standing commitment to diversity that will help in furthering the purpose of the scholarship program at Zelle.

Eligibility: African Americans

Application deadline: Ongoing

7. Royce Osborn Minority Scholarship

The Royce Osborn Minority Scholarship assists African American students and other minorities in  an entry-level radiography, sonography, magnetic resonance, radiation therapy or nuclear medicine program. This scholarship program also offers some help in building personal development goals, and creating community engagement.

Eligibility: African Americans and other minorities

Application deadline: Ongoing

Bottom Line

Indeed finding scholarship opportunities for African American student may come with its many challenges, but finding an effecting way of navigating these challenges can help make a lasting change. Remember that scholarships abound, but knowing where to look and eligibility criteria is very important in being a successful scholarship applicant.

When you have found the scholarships that work for you, do not hesitate to apply and get all the required information sent right away. This can have a great impact especially in cases where the scholarships are offered on first applied, first granted basis. You should equally keep in mind that many scholarship programs also have eligibility criteria that they require all students applicants to meet before they process your application.

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