$250,000(USD) Passion Fund Grant to Support Black Creators, Activists, and Entrepreneurs

The Passion Fund Grant has just been launched, and this is beneficial for Black-owned businesses. This grant program is aimed at funding creators, activist and entrepreneurs.

The amount for this grant is $250, 000. This is a joint grant program that is being hosted by LinkTree and Square. We’ll talk about these two in details and how you can apply for this grant.

LinkTree is a free service that helps you connect your audiences to your content. This is a great program that any individual, entrepreneur, or business owner can signup to get.

Square is a payment platform that helps you with taking payment online. These two services came together to make this grant happen.

If you are an entrepreneur and want financial support to help you get started, this grant is a great place to start. The application process is very easy, and one that you can easily use quite seamlessly.

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