Home Care and Family Support Grant

Home care and family support grant has become highly sought after in recent years, due to the lingering effects of the pandemic. Assisted living facilities have assumed different names and business models over the years, and these changes have seemingly increased in recent times. The concept of assisted living facilities has not changed much, however. Depending on what type of care you choose to provide your ideal clients, starting an assisted living facility, a group home, a senior’s care facility, or a nursing home, you still need and require funding to get your business started or grow an existing one.

The concept of care facilities is vast, and we shall be exploring the different care facilities there are. Understanding the different types of care facilities that you can open can help you start your group home or assisted living, and of course, get the grants that you need to grow your business. The different types of care facilities that you can start today, licensed or unlicensed have been further explained below. Bear in mind that there are available grants for whatever type of agency you choose to start, you just have to know how to navigate through the available funding options.

What Are Care Homes?

Care homes are also known as residential care facilities, group homes, or assisted living. However, depending on the structure of your business, it can take a different name and reflect the services that you provide your clients or residents as the case may be. Care homes usually would have between 2 to about 20 persons living in a residence. However, depending on the licensing needs, the rooms can be either private or shared. Many group homes simply have private rooms where occupants have access to their private rooms and are provided with meals and care.

What Is an Assisted Living Facility?

An assisted living facility is mostly tailored toward those who require some level of care, though not as intensive as individuals placed in nursing homes. Just like the name implies, in assisted living, you are basically assisting the residents in completing their activities of daily living (ADLs), and providing them a limited level of assistance when it comes to feeding, mobility, medication administration, and general board and group outing activities.

What are Group Homes?

Group homes, on the other hand, are a placement for a group of individuals who are developmentally, mentally, and physically challenged, or a combination of all three. In some cases, however, this may not be the case, as the residents may simply have been dealt a hard situation in life where they require housing and need help finding a very limited level of care to help them get back on their feet. Whatever the case may be, you may find a varying degree of different individuals hosted in a group home of about 4 to about 16 individuals living together in one facility.

Home Health Care Agencies

A home health care agency though may be considered an extension of a group home model. However, home healthcare provides care at the location, which is usually the home of the individual that requires the care. For instance, if you decide you want to start a home healthcare agency, like Delia Maria home care agency, Bright Star home care agency, or whatever you deem fit to name your home care agency. You would have to employ nurses, Registered Nurses (RNs), Licenced Practical Nurses (LPNs), Clinical Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and the like to work for your agency. These individuals would have to go where the residents are located to provide them with the care they require.

Home Care and Family Support Grant

Now that you understand the different types of care homes there are out there, it is important to explore your grant options when it comes to starting a care home, growing an existing one, or partnering with another agency. When you are starting your group home, knowing where the funding that you need to grow your group home can be helpful to get the grants that you need.

Generally, there are a number of funding sources you can explore for your care facility. You can explore the funding options that the Small Business Administration (SBA) have for small businesses on their website. These grants are quite a few and far between, though there are far more business loans offered by the Small Business Administration. However, small business owners still get super excited over the news of knowing that SBA loan modification is being processed. Though with loans, you are tied to high-interest rates and qualifying for these loans can be quite challenging for many new business owners.

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