The Ultimate List of African American Grants and Where to Find Them [Newly Updated for 2022]

African American Grants

African American grants are constantly being sought after, and the year 2022 is finally here for grant opportunities for munority business owners looking for grant funding. is committed to providing opportunities to help create access to diverse funding options to help you start and grow your business.

As the 2022 is fast approaching, finding African American grants for your Black-owned businesses has become increasingly important for minority owwned businesses. The grants listed below have been carefully selected for being uniquely tairlored to African American business owners.

African American grants are few and far between today in 2021 as has been from time immemorial. However, if you know where to look for these grants, you can rest assured you will find success applying and receiving these grants.

Here’s our list of updated African American grants for 2021. We have compiled a list of grants that you can take advantage of from the 31 grants for black women starting their own businesses, grants for nonprofits and startups to mental health grants, and much more.

Grants for African Americans are available if you know where to look.

There are numerous grant-issuing agencies that provide these grants for diverse reasons. African American grants focus on improving the lives of African Americans, and for those who are starting their own businesses or growing one.

If you would like to apply for grants in 2021, we have some great options for you!

African American Grants and Assistance Programs 


If you identify as African American, and are interested in starting a business, but do not know where to look to find grants to start your business. has a vast database of different funding and assistance programs that can help you with funding to start your business.

We hope to explore the different funding programs that you can apply for today to help you start that business of your dreams.

No matter where your interest may be, from grants for African American women to grants for Black-owned businesses, we can help you find the grants you need. 

1. African American Home Grants

These types of grants offer African Americans the opportunity to obtain money for buying their first homes outright or financing them. Buying a home is notoriously expensive especially in the struggling economy and many African Americans need help in order to buy homes in affordable areas.

The government offers this form of assistance for all residents but has some programs that target African American families. Most African American families live in urban centers and areas that are decrepit and require significant renovation to become habitable.

There are some available grants for African American first time home buyers, and these grants can be easily accessed by filling out the required application for the home grant. What you have to understand is the grant-eligibility criteria that are specifically tailored to first time home buyers. 

Black first time home buyers program


Getting grants for first time home buyers for African Americans can be quite helpful. You can use this grant as a form of down payment that you can utilize toward your equity. As such African American homeownership grants are essential in helping this minority group to improve the living standards.

Owning a home comes with a plethora of benefits. Owning a home can help you acess significantly higher levels of credit and funding opporutnities. Therefore, owning homes can really open doors to you to much more oppportunities and economic advancement.

As African Americans there are grants you can apply for that can help you in buying a house, down payment, and more. Take advantage of these first time home buer grants and use it to your advantate to build you credit and get access to the exclusive home ownership club that you dream about.

2. Higher Education Scholarships

One of the saddest statistics in education is that extremely few African Americans manage to obtain a college education. The main reason for this is the lack of financial ability to attend colleges that are extremely expensive.

Other reasons why African Americans are unable to access high education is that they fall prey to social issues in their communities such as teen pregnancy, gang activity, or even drug use.

These endowments encourage more African American youth to further their education past high school by enabling them to access positions in higher education facilities or by providing the required funding.

Free grants for African American students 

As much as you can access grants for African Americans, so can you access grants for African American students too. We have compilled some of the latest grants that are available to African American students that you can apply for below. These grants have been provided by third party grant ussuing agencies to help support African American students in college or planning to go attend college.

If you are operating in other areas of human endeavor, from construction to restaurant business to daycare services and more, you can find the grants you need, including grants for african american filmmakers

1. The Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship

This scholarship grant from the Agnes Jones Jackson foundation was established to assist the NAACP members financially. The NAACP members who are under the age of 25, and enrolled or accepted or have just recently completed your program.

A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required, and along with that, you may have to show proof that you are indeed in financial need. 

2. Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship

The Hallie Q Brown scholarship is another organization that supports African Americans in their quest to get an education. This foundation provides educational funding by giving African Americans the opportunity of applying for their scholarships.

3. Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship

This scholarship grant is open to those who have a current membership with the National Association of Colored Women’s Club, and those who have successfully graduated from high school.

Applicants also must show that there is an existing financial need and must be recommended by a current member of the agency.

4. The Tom Joyner Foundation Full Ride Scholarship

This foundation caters to high school students who currently maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better. In addition, there is a requirement to have a minimum SAT score of 2100 or ACT. A leadership skill demonstration is also required.

5. The Ralph Johnson Bunche Distinguished Graduate Award

The Ralph Johnson Bunche graduate aware is an organization that is committed to providing helpful information and providing scholarship grants and other scholarship opportunities.

3. Black-owned Business Grants

This is another group of grants that focus on promoting African American-owned businesses. Seen as a way of empowering the African American community.

These business loans can be both long-term or short-term to enable an individual to grow their business or progress in starting a business. Among these grants, there are special awards that target women and youth businesses in order to further empower these groups in the community.

4. Grants for African American Women

African American women are an even more marginalized group in society and often lack opportunities to better their lives. There are awards that target exceptional young women who have been able to overcome serious adversity in the African American community.

The grants can offer educational privileges such as full scholarships or maybe focused on aiding African American women to buy their first homes or start new businesses.

5. Unemployment Aid

Yet again, the statistics concerning employment for African Americans illustrate a community that is greatly disadvantaged in comparison to other groups in the country. This form of grant aims to help individuals of all groups who are currently unemployed to survive from day today.

Unemployment aid is usually a government awarded a grant but targets people who are suffering from a lack of employment. However, to attain this type of grant, the person must qualify by proving that they actually have no form of employment. It is also revoked the moment an individual obtains a job.

Are African American Grants Biased Against Other Groups?
The simple answer to this question is that African American grants do not create a bias against other groups. In fact, there are numerous grants that target special groups and minority groups as a way of improving the socio-economic position in society.

It is important to note that many grants for African Americans are actually sponsored by the majority of African Americans. For example, historically African American colleges tend to give scholarships exclusively to exemplary African Americans.

Applying Process for African American Grants 

When you think of applying for the grants that you can get as an African American, you think of all of the opportunities that you can take advantage of. There are a number of grants that you can easily access in 2020 without any stringent requirements.

Finding these grants does require a lot of hard work on your own. However, the hard work pays off when you finally get the ideal grant you desire. It is important to understand what kind of grant you seek. 

We are going to be covering the different grants that are available for you to apply for on our website.

Grants for Education

These are the grants that you receive to help you further your education. This grant may come in many forms, like help with paying your school fees, for books, boarding rooms, and other school essentials that you may need.

Some of the expenses that you may cover with your educational grant:

  • Electronics, such as laptops
  • Books that have been assigned for the semester
  • Boarding house
  • Transportation
  • Feeding and other expenses occur during the school period.

All of these grants can be quite helpful in terms of providing you with all the necessary convenience you need. One good thing about these grants is that you do not have to repay them while you are still in school, or after you are successfully done with your education.


If you feel that you require some type of help in terms of housing, education, or even business, then as an African American there are many options for you. It is upon you and the effort you put in to find and qualify for the best grant for you.

Finding African American grants can be quite challenging if you do not know where to look for them. However, knowing just how to navigate through the complexities of the grant process can come in handy for you to be successful in your grant search. African American grants as you can tell, are available and accessible too, but finding help getting these grants may be another successful way of navigating through the challenges of the grant options.

One way to find that option for your grant application is to schedule a grant consultation with a grant consultant. The grant expert can help you with the grant application process from start to finish. Thus saving you valuable time to focus on growing your developing your business and growing your grant options successfully.