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This is a great topic

Hi AAG Family!

This is a great topic that I believe everyone who got affected in the pandemic would have one or two things to say about their experiences. I almost lost my business due to the financial impact the pandemic had on my ability to keep my staff, pay them, and still keep my space. The entertainment industry got hit really hard and trust me, no one was remotely interested in the thought of dancing not to mention coming into the studio for any of that!

However, as time progressed, my team and I came up with the idea of doing online dance lessons, and boom! Things took off from there, I got some new clients in addition to the old clients that I already had, and we started an entirely new program we never thought about before the pandemic struck.

But looking back in retrospect, I'm glad I did, and it has changed my business forever!

So one thing I'd like to share here with other business owners or those who are considering starting their own business is -- Be innovative, think of ways to move your business forward, stay thinking! Find ways to do things that people are yet to even imagine, not to mention that way you're always one step or a few ahead...remember heaven helps those who help themselves!

We're here to find grants and all, but when you are able to do what you can with what you have, it sure helps a great deal!

So, here's to my opportunities for our community this 2021 and always!!!

Tanira B.

Go sis! What a remarkable story! I like how you kept going and not letting the situation with COVID slow you down! Good for you! This is the story that I like to hear! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Have you applied/ received any grants since being part of this family?

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