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Blog Posts

$10,000 Grants for African American Women Writers to Produce Short Comedy Screenplays

$10,000 Grants for African American Women Writers to Produce Short Comedy Screenplays

African American GrantsJuly 27, 20213 min read

Women Write Now is part of Laugh Out Loud’s comedic writing fellowship that is designed to champion and elevate Black female comedy writers through mentorship, advocacy, production, and exhibition. This program was jointly developed by Sundance…

Small Business Grants for Felons

Small Business Grants for Felons

African American GrantsJuly 27, 20212 min read

Small business grants for felons may appear quite challenging to come by, but there are available grants and financial assistance for felons who have been through the system and are…

$70,000 Small Business Development Grants

$70,000 Small Business Development Grants

African American GrantsJuly 26, 20211 min read

This is a great opportunity for small business owners who are looking for funding assistance to help grow their dream business. This opportunity is open for new business owners and…

Is Your Business Still Recovering From COVID? Keep Going!

Is Your Business Still Recovering From COVID? Keep Going!

African American GrantsJuly 22, 20217 min read

If you are one of the many businesses that took a major hit during the worst of the pandemic, you’re not alone. African American Grants is well aware that small…

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