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Blog Posts

$150K Grant Competition For Black Women Entrepreneurs

$150K Grant Competition For Black Women Entrepreneurs

African American GrantsSeptember 26, 20211 min read

Brown Girl Jane, a foundation that is committed to supporting Black Wom Launches a $150K Grant Competition For Black Women Entrepreneurs. The Brown Girl Jane Foundation helps women who are…

The Ultimate Guide on Acquiring a Franchise and Grant Options

The Ultimate Guide on Acquiring a Franchise and Grant Options

African American GrantsSeptember 10, 20217 min read

Thinking of starting a franchise and not sure where to get grants to start? Well, you have come to the right place. AfricanAmericanGrants.org has compiled grant options that can be…

Walmart Grant Pass Program to Support Small Businesses

Walmart Grant Pass Program to Support Small Businesses

African American GrantsSeptember 9, 20213 min read

Walmart has just launched a program for small businesses that are seeking grant funding to help start or grow their businesses. Walmart community grants can be used to start a…

$10,000 Grant for Women-Owned Businesses

$10,000 Grant for Women-Owned Businesses

African American GrantsSeptember 8, 20213 min read

New business owners require some form of funding to help them get their business dreams started. For many businesswomen, this is something that they can relate to when it comes…

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