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Grace X Originals
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A “slow fashion” brand that advocates for manufacturing with deep respect for people, the environment, and animals.
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Grace X Originals is a “slow fashion” streetwear & lifestyle brand. We take our time to expertly hand-dye our textiles and apply high-end airbrush artistry to our designs with sustainable fashion practices foremost in mind. Our motto: “Sustain or Die”

I’m grace x lovejoy, artist, innovator, maverick, rule breaker, and glass ceiling annihilator. This collection is my masterwork. Grace X Originals is an intricate representation of the full body of my artistic practice: from fine art to tattoo art, to graphics and illustration on custom airbrushed apparel. My output is prolific and has all been painstakingly encapsulated into the grace x originals streetwear collection. I share my work with you and the wider world in hopes that it will inspire, enlighten and empower others to live life with grace, love, joy, and a passion for equality, freedom, and justice for all.

A “slow fashion” brand that advocates for manufacturing with deep respect for people, the environment, and animals. As such, contrary to industrial fashion practices, employ local artisans and the use of eco-friendly materials, with the goal of preserving crafts and the environment and, ultimately, provide value to both consumers and producers

About Grace X Masks

Grace X Masks are a unique and fashionable garment for the face. Engineered for functionality without compromising style, we created a facial covering that is a pleasure to wear, because it’s how you face the world that matters these days.

We are inspired by the workmanship and ingenuity of Japanese denim and the durability of Levi’s and Wrangler jeans. Grace x masks are a sophisticated protective gear option you can count on while maintaining your ability to turn heads.

About Grace X Tees

When we tie-dye, we get serious about it. The GXO Tie-Dye Tees are dyed using Japanese Shibori techniques. Specifically, we used the Itajime shibori method to achieve a unique pattern featuring X’s and crosses. X’s and crossroads are powerful symbols for us and they are often found in our artwork. Each shirt offers up a unique pattern featuring the Xs and the crosses.

Grace X Tees feature hand-painted details. We airbrush our shirts because this process consumes much less water than silk screening. This method of applying graphic art allows us to make only what is needed. Airbrushing is also closely related to street art which is just how we roll. Breaking the rules that don’t work for our pledge of sustainability is what we do.

We believe when hand-painted art is used to adorn garments, they are more likely to be cherished and less likely to be thrown away to end its life in a landfill. Win-win. Art will save us all!

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