Top Grants for Black Business Owners in 2021

Grants for small business owners in 2021 are available if you know where to look for them. Small business grants have been through one of the biggest business impacts since the onset of the global pandemic. Finding ways of supporting them in 2021 would be a great way in helping them pull through. The idea of buying and supporting Black goes beyond the reflections of the word itself, but the actions you take in making those words come true.

Recent research has shown that Black-owned businesses shut down at more than twice the rate of white-owned firms and experienced declines in cash balances nine times as steep as non-minority firms in some cases. Now if that does not paint the picture of some of the things that Black-owned businesses have to deal with, not sure what would in 2021.

Grants for Black Business Owners

Minority business grants are consistently on the rise when it comes to the search metrics that it receives on a daily basis. has compiled a list of grants that can help grow your small business in great measures. If you would like to lear more about how you can access these grants, do not hessitate to check out the list below.

1. Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Grants

The MBDA as the name suggest basically tells it all. Minority Business Development Agency is one agency that is committed to the process of providing funding for small minority business owners who have registered businesses, and need some financial support. The MBDA is also very vested in creating opportunities for businesses to grow with the MBDA.

2. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants

The SBIR Grants program is designed to support small businesses in terms of providing funding opportunities for these businesses to help them thrive. -mandated set-aside program that aims to help small businesses stimulate technological innovation. This program also provides for some business support and technological backup in many areas of your business development.

3. Fedex Small Business Grant Contest

Fedex is running a business grant program where electing the top 100 finalists and the winners. Grant awards range from $1,000 to $25,000. This is very helpful in creating some form of support system for businesses who are looking for funding opportunities to grow their small businesses in 2021.

4. Program Management Office

The program management office gives an online option to grant applicants to find and apply for federal funding opportunities. The program provides detailed information on grants prograns that are generally available to the public to apply for on their website.

Considering the challenges that Black-owned businesses already face, having to tackle a pandemic of such magnitude has a huge unfavorable impact to the tune of almost half of Black-businesses in 2020. The way it stands now, the future as promising as we may hope to envisage, the challenges are still very much here like always.

How to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Supporting Black businesses goes beyond making a statement of solidarity of some. sort, but helping create an enabling environment where Black communities, as they are usually more than just places that offer goods and services,” Tayo of Black-owned Brooklyn states. “They are community spaces for meeting and connection. feels strongly about the need to create a community where Black-owned businesses can access business funding opportunities such as African American Grants, and a space for other African-American business owners can freely showcase their Black-owned goods and services to the community.

Indeed, these places as mentioned above, are not just cultural zones, as it were, they may also include hubs, and even digital platforms to create an accessible community of Black business-minded individuals and entrepreneurs connect together. A place where its members understand the unsaid words and behavior of the group and the totality of what the community stands for.

As such, black provides programs and resources that the community needs. Especially given that Black business owners do not have the same access to the opportunities their white business counterparts have. Supporting Black-owned businesses therefore would in many ways, strengthening Black businesses helps strengthen our communities.

How to Find Black-Owned Businesses in your Area

Indeed, knowing how to find a Black-owned business where you live is essential to support them. One great way of finding Black-Owned businesses from Black women business owners to Black companies to Black stores is to look in our Black-Owned Business Directory.

This is a great way of showcasing your goods and services, growing your business, and connecting and contributing your own quota to growing the Black-Owned community. Whatever it is you may be interested in, there are a ton of tools and resources that you can utilize to your advantage, to help you gain the advantage of all the spots to find Black-owned businesses.

When you have found a Black-Owned business in your locality, then one can start to look at the different options that exist and to start the process of supporting these businesses. One thing to bear in mind is that Black-Owned business spread across cities, states and you can find many online using our search feature to sort through the hundreds of listings.

Why Support Black-Owned Business?

Why support Black-owned business you ask? Well, supporting Black-owned business is helping create a lasting cultural and communal legacy, empowers members of the community, while creating access to economic advancement for the people. This is one reason among many to support Black business owners who strive to make a difference through their business creation and contribution to the community.

Several Black-entrepreneurs have been known to start businesses motivated by the richness of Black experience, the African-American cultural heritage, and as such, should be supported to help maintain the cultural importance of the-Black-owned clothing stores, hair care, and make-up products, business consulting, and many other services provided by African-American entrepreneurs and business owners.

The support that African-American businesses get, in turn, gets passed onto the community. The support goes around, and then help with after-school programs, community empowerment programs, mentorship, and more to help the Black business owners take responsibility and build their own. This can be quoted as helpful in terms of creating a sense of doing your part to help the community thrive.

Black-Owned Business Making a Difference has scored through the internet, reviewed several word of mouth testimonials and several contributions to the advancement of the Black community, and has selected 41 Black-owned businesses that are making a difference in their own little way.

Black-owned businesses coming together under one umbrella is a great way to put forces together to grow our businesses and create opportunities for other Black business owners to follow. The inspiration you chance to get from seeing the contributions that are being made within the community can inspire you to make a change for the better when it comes to growing your business.

The combined efforts from black entrepreneurs, business owners and other individuals who want to see meaningful changes in the growth and economic advancement of the group is a laudable step in the right direction. This and much more is what the businesses listed below have been able to do to uplift the others and create an access to economic empowerment in their immediate communities.

Apparel & Footwear

1. Zelena LLC

Zelená is a mix of Zelená Cosmetics, which offers cruelty-free, all organic and natural products. As well as, Zelená which is a clothing brand that features the latest trends. This is one business that has been through its fair share of odds and has managed to maintain its commitment to the community and reaching out to help others succeed in online business.

2. Black Love Boutique

Black Love Boutique is a Lifestyle Brand celebrating all things about Black Culture and Black Love. Black Love Boutique sells clothing and accessories that inspire, uplift, educate, and entertain. We are a 100% Black Owned company. We recognize our Power as a People and we express it through fashion. At Black Love Boutique It’s Not Just A T-shirt, It’s A Mindset.

3. Zmena INC

Zmena INC was created by Merlene and Kurdesia. They are two women that, throughout their challenging lives, always dreamt of finding new ways to express their individual styles and sensuality in their own unique matter. And so, Zmena INC was born.

Through this medium, they will also show other women that expressing themselves through high-quality, unique clothing items can boost their confidence levels, and in doing so, making them much happier. We believe that confidence is essential to modern women, and a simple purchase, can indeed make all the difference.

4. Brilliant You Denim

The very first company that happens to be the first black female-owned jeans manufacturer in the USA. Brilliant You Denim design, manufacture, and distribute women and men shelf-ready and custom jeans that provide on-demand all-day comfort, exceptional fit, and unprecedented versatility. Our brands are produced in Greensboro, North Carolina.

5. A Perfect Shirt

A Perfect Shirt is a premium apparel brand located in Baltimore, MD. We focus on creating positive personal statement t-shirts. We create big + bold statements on our tees along with faith-based lifestyle apparel and accessories. Our goal is to provide apparel that encourages and inspires others.


Looking for high-quality fitness apparel and masks for all? Functional Fit Wear is the place to look. This company has a vast selection of fitness apparel, a mask that fits your individual style. Great customer services and you are sure to find a discount or two when you shop with them. Check out their new arrival in preparation for the new year around the corner.

7. Yeaux Mama

Yeaux Mama was made for the woman who knows the power of her
black girl magic and the depth of her spirituality. It’s a way to
celebrate and express ourselves, our complexities, and our souls.
Made for black women by a black woman, we show up for the auntie
in all of us!

From the world traveler to the around the way girl, the
streetwise and the book smart, the single ladies and
the married mamas. We feed your soul and celebrate the beauty of black womanhood
with goods that hold space for your voice, your story, and your
truth made with love in Atlanta, GA.

8. Amai Amara

Beautiful staple and layering jewelry for the everyday woman.
Hello beautiful people and welcome to our shop.

Amai Amara is a timeless collection of carefully curated jewelry pieces influenced by different cultures. We offer classic jewelry that can be a staple in your daily wardrobe. One of the core missions of Amara is to make the brand as inclusive, fun, and accessible as possible.

A black-owned family business run by two sisters who offer a wide array of beautiful, timeless, carefully curated pieces to add to your jewelry collection. We like to push the envelope a little with our designs, but the most important aspect of our business is quality pieces. We feel that our pieces add that “je ne sais quoi” to any woman to make them feel even more empowered, strong-willed, and ready to take on the world, just like we are.

Feel free to take a scroll in our candy shop and you might just find something special for you, your loved one, or your family.

9. The Simple Bow LLC

At THE SIMPLE BOW, we design and create handcrafted/handmade Bow-Ties and other fashion accessories to help you add the finishing touches to the perfect outfit, so that you can be confident, shift perceptions, promote self-expression, and share your style. And we do this all to help make someone’s life better the next day than it was the day before.

10. Siddity Brands

At Siddity Brands represents Black folks who are looking for a way to express the joy of being part of the African Diaspora, specifically through the use of language. A uniquely placed company that enjoys trying new adventure apparel by ordering from their website directly.

There you have it! These are businesses we have hand-picked for their contribution to growing the community through their businesses and goodwill. If you are a Black-business owner and would like to list your business on our Black-owned business directory for free, click here.


We come across business each day, but may not think much about who may be behind it. Black-owned businesses are all around you, and may be hoping that you pick up the phone to call and place an order, visit their website and learn more about their services. This is what this articles is about, helping us connect to a great start come 2021.

Together, contributing our own little quota can go along way in making the much needed difference that we need to help our community grow. The new year, 2021 comes with many expectations for Black-business owners everywhere, and proving that much needed support could just be all that a Black-owned business around the corner needs to stay afloat and thrive.

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