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The African American Grants’ team comprises seasoned individuals of great minds that are committed to community building and empowerment. The AAG team constantly score the internet and archives to bring you to grant information to help African-Americans and Black-business owners access the latest grants and other funding opportunities to help grow their businesses.

Our writers and content developers—produce articles and recipes with useful, valuable business development tips and tools, combined with valuable insights honed from years of hands-on work with the African-Americans community. Whether you’re looking to start a business, a new-how-to register your business, or grant writing technique, AfricanAmericanGrants.org was founded to help you make it happen.


  • SGS Black-owned Business Building Award, 2017
  • BaskBlack Community Development Award, 2019
  • African-American Business and Startup Support Award 2020

Meet the Editorial Team

Dewayne Coleman General Manager & Vice President

Before joining African American Grants, Dewayne spent 10 years working in Grant Management. Dewayne Coleman is the senior content director for African American Grants. Coleman has vast experience in African-American grants and business funding opportunities.

He specializes in Black-owned businesses, nonprofits, and startup grants application and processing. He’s worked his way as a content management director combining his experiences and interactions to lead the team here at AfricanAmericanGrants.org

Tamika Williams Senior Content Manager & Editor

Tamika Williams is a senior content manager with African American Grants. A seasoned author, blogger, and designer living in a suburb of Washington, DC. Tamika is committed to helping Black-owned businesses and Black women start their own businesses through personal development and training.

Tamika also runs a successful course that teaches Black-women how to apply for grants to start their businesses. When she’s not curating content, blogging, or writing, She can be found with her backpack hiking in the woods, birdwatching, and creating evergreen memories!

Tanisha Brown Senior Content & Social Manager Editor

Tanisha Brown is an avid community developer, blogger, vlogger, and social media enthusiast with African-American Grants. Before joining African American Grants, she spent 10 years working with Melanated Business Growth and Lifestyle media where she led operations and finance for various brands including Black Wealth and Empowerment Inc.

BaskBlack, and Black Ownership and Management in Fresno, California. You can find “Nisha” as she’s popularly called, blogging, or writing, or jogging, she’s out in the community engaging Black-women entrepreneurs on how to access available grants and funding opportunities for their businesses.

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