Grants for Projects and Programs to Benefit African-American Communities in 2021

Grants averaging $5,000 to Tennessee nonprofit organizations in eligible locations for projects and programs to benefit communities of color. Applicants are required to submit an eligibility profile prior to applying. In this year’s grant program, funding is intended for projects/programs that increase access and/or elevate the quality of life for communities of color. Applicants are limited to organizations serving the greater Memphis area.

The 2021 theme is Equity Through Access: projects/programs that increase access and/or elevate the quality of life for communities of color. All 2021 funding proposals must follow this grant theme, regardless if an organization is seeking support for a specific project, program, or operating expenses. 

Grants are intended to address a theme, chosen each year by the GiVE 365 membership and announced in December. Eligible organizations that have a project or program that fits the grant theme are invited to apply. GiVE 365 members review the submitted applications in teams, and the teams make thoughtful and objective recommendations for grant finalists based on grant criteria.

The grant finalists then present three-minute pitches about their proposals to the full membership at the Finals, an evening event in April. Based on these pitches and the applications, members vote for their top grant finalists online to determine grant awards.

All applicants or fiscal agents MUST have a published, reviewed profile by the application deadline in order to meet the eligibility criteria. Programs sponsored by a fiscal agent must be listed under Programs on the LIVEGIVE profile.

Email or call Director of Grants & Initiatives Elizabeth Warren before applying with a fiscal agent. The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis will not act as a fiscal agent.


If you have confirmed that you meed the criteria above, you may proceed with applying for this grant by clicking the link below.

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